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Nicole Einhorn


Hello Everyone! My name is Nicole. I am a professional performer and certified teacher with over ten years of experience. I have a Master's degree in Theatre Education from Adelphi University and I am currently working on my Doctorate in Education at DePaul University. My research focus is on improvisational theatre. I am currently a faculty member at multiple community colleges where I teach Acting and Introduction to Theatre courses and direct the mainstage performances. In the past, I have taught elementary and high school theatre arts in public schools as well as at various competitive children's theatre organizations. I have trained at top improvisation schools such as The Second City, iO Chicago, The Magnet Theatre, and The Annoyance. My undergraduate degree is in musical theatre. I am state certified in the following content areas: Theatre Arts/Drama K-12 Elementary Education K-6 English/Language Arts 9-12 I have a friendly, community, and student-driven approach to teaching. I like to establish a positive environment where students feel safe to explore and play.

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